"I am now officially 4 years post-op today! My only regret was not finding Dr. Arrington sooner. After 22 cyclical years of pain, He answered my call, saved my life and my quality of life, but most importantly he showed me that highly skilled can go hand in hand with kindness, compassion and understanding. There is no comparison, He is definitely one of the few heroes out there who's looking out for all Endo warrior's best interests. I can only imagine what the future holds for him (& his new team) and the countless lives who will undoubtedly benefit from his Expertise."
"I had the privilege to work in the operating room with one of the masters in endometriosis, Dr Jeff Arrington. I learned about how extensive the endometriosis could be and how should be treated. Dr Arrington is an advanced minimally invasive robotic surgeon who knows how to use the daVinci robot with highly magnified 3DHD vision to excise the most extensive and barely visible endometriosis lesions. It was a great pleasure to get to work with such a caring and extraordinary surgeon! It is a big loss for Northside and Forsyth hospitals, but I know that you will be a blessing and an honor to the next place you go."
Ani B, MD, SA-C
Surgical assistant
"My experience as a patient of Dr. Arrington was phenomenal. He is one of the most caring, companionate, intelligent and humble surgeons of our time. He genuinely wants to resolve his patients’ pain, therefore he is an extremely thorough surgeon. When my first surgery performed by another surgery failed to resolve my pain using an outdated procedure I went looking for other options. I discovered “Excision” and Dr. Arrington. I could tell my experience would be different the moment I met Dr. Arrington. He agreed to surgery right away which was scheduled within 5 weeks. When I awoke post surgery he validated the significant amount of pain I had been in for years and said to me, “It makes sense why you were in so much pain” and proceeded to show me all the places he had found it prior to excising it. Prior to this no one had believed I was in the amount of pain I described except my Mom and Dad. My pain caused by Endometriosis is gone thanks to Dr. Arrington. I highly recommend him as he truly cares about his patients and fights for our right to appropriate treatment every day, both in the OR and outside fighting for policy change. I am so grateful for him and the life he has given back to me."
"Dr. Jeff Arrington performed my Endometriosis Excision and Hysterectomy in December 2020 during his time at the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta, Georgia. | could not be happier with my surgical outcome and improved quality of life. After searching for a diagnosis for many years only to be told there was nothing wrong with me was so happy to finally find Dr Arrington. . He listened to every symptom and concern had as well as what my wishes were going forward. He is kind, caring, compassionate and listens with non-judgment. I never felt that my concerns were being dismissed or that I was just a number in the practice. Dr. Arrington is one of the few doctors I have seen that took my anxiety disorder seriously and understood how stressful surgery day would be for me. On the day of surgery Dr. Arrington came to see me in pre-op twice to make sure that I was doing okay and that I had everything I needed. He walked me through what was going to happen once we arrived in the operating room and kept reassuring me that everything would be okay. Once I was on the operating table Dr. Arrington held my hand the entire time until I went to sleep. My surgery was successful and my recovery was smooth without any complications. I am so happy that Dr. Arrington listened and believed me and now I can live free of Endometriosis symptoms and have a much improved quality of life. My surgery allowed me to continue to pursue my career dreams and goals which were not possible prior to surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Arrington to anyone who might be suffering with Endometriosis and having a difficult time receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Arrington did an excellent job of providing me with all the information I needed from my very first consultation to my last post operative appointment. Dr. Arrington is incredibly knowledgable about how to diagnose and effectively treat Endometriosis. He also does an excellent job of explaining all of the treatment options and the risks and benefits associated with each of them. There was never any pressure to make a decision that I was uncomfortable with. I am forever grateful to Dr. Arrington for giving me my life back."