EndoWest, founded by Dr. Jeff Arrington, is a premier, world-class endometriosis surgical clinic.  Directed by Dr. Arrington, we have built a multi-disciplinary endometriosis center with a focus on excision of endometriosis guided by patient autonomy (patient choice).  We have a proven track record of excellence in treating this difficult disease.  Over his nearly 20 years of experience treating endometriosis, fewer than 15% of Dr. Arrington’s patients need repeat surgeries.  We believe that this is due to the focus on identifying all forms of endometriosis while striving for full removal of the disease.

Endometriosis affects approximately 10% of women and over 176 million patients worldwide.  It is often a painful condition with multiple presentations.  It can also result in infertility.  At EndoWest we realize the importance of recognizing that patients with known or suspected endometriosis are more than just “pain patients” or “fertility patients”.  Patients with endometriosis often struggle with both.  The symptoms and sequelae of endometriosis absolutely affect multiple areas of a patient’s life: social, interpersonal relationships, family dreams and planning, education, occupation, and many others.  It is critical for providers to consider all aspects when discussing options and help the patient decide on the appropriate treatment.

Every patient regardless of age or experience typically has three main options for management of known or suspected endometriosis: Observation, Palliation (symptom control), and Surgical treatment.  We feel it is our responsibility to listen to and educate each patient providing the knowledge and physical exam findings to give clarity to pelvic pain and endometriosis symptoms.  We then guide patients to make a truly informed decision in care instead of deciding for you.  We focus on a true informed consent that allows a higher degree of patient autonomy rather than medical paternalism (the patients decides rather than the doctor deciding for the patient).

We understand that endometriosis and pelvic pain can be a scary and often hopeless road.  We are here to make that journey with you.  Just as we have expertise in endometriosis and the complex surgical management it requires, our team also utilizes pelvic physical therapists, pain management providers, and others who have focused expertise in their areas.

Whether newly diagnosed or having a long history with endometriosis or suspected endometriosis, we understand that it can be frustrating and lonely.  You are not alone.  We are actively involved in online patient support groups and medical societies to support patients and improve knowledge of endometriosis care.  Dr. Arrington is a recognized patient advocate and works hard to challenge a standard of care that is insufficient for the care of patients with endometriosis.

Whether through telehealth or an in-person consultation, we strive to bring clarity, hope, relief, and peace to each patient.