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In June 2018, Dr. Jeff Arrington will be moving his endometriosis practice to Atlanta, GA to join Drs. Sinervo and Kongoasa at the Center for Endometriosis Care.  He has currently filled his available operative time in Utah and is currently only accepting new consults for surgery in Atlanta.

Endometriosis Treatments

When considering treatment of endometriosis, each patient must be aware of the available choices and the expected benefit of each option. With Dr. Arrington's help each patient will use her experience and personal health goals to chose an appropriate treatment.


The goal of surgery for endometriosis is the removal of all involved tissue.  Otherwise known as "LAPEX", excision of endometriosis focuses on "getting rid" of all visible endometriosis.  Although endometriosis surgery can be difficult and challenging, even disease that is said to be "too risky" typically can be removed under the controlled excision of an endometriosis specialist.


There is a common myth that hormones "treat" endometriosis.  I want to be clear that they do not!  They are merely meant to try and control the symptoms of the disease but do not "make it go away" or prevent it from progressing.  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recognizes this in their practice bulletin but it is often overlooked.  Hormones are considered "palliative" treatment for endometriosis.  That means that they only attempt to control the pain and symptoms without treating the disease itself.


At EndoWest we understand that each patient is individual.  She has her own experiences, hopes and dreams.  With this in mind, we work hard to help each patient understand the disease and how it impacts her life.  We educate and present treatment options and then help guide each patient in making her own decisions regarding management of her health.

There really is HOPE

Endometriosis truly is treatable for many patients

Many patients are told that there is no hope for treatment.  They are offered hormone therapies that only offer the possibility of helping with pain, but not treating the disease.  They are told that hysterectomy is "definitive" treatment without addressing the endometriosis itself.  Continuing research on management of endometriosis points toward full excision as the gold standard treatment for endometriosis.

Jeff Arrington MD

Dr. Arrington is a gynecologist specializing in minimally invasive surgery for endometriosis and complex pelvic surgery. He is the first board certified gynecologist in Utah to complete the AAGL/SRS fellowship in gynecologic endoscopy. He trained under world renowned surgeon and laparoscopy pioneer, Dr. C.Y. Liu and is now an adjunct faculty member at the University of Utah.

Dr. Arrington is recognized as a regional and national expert in advanced excision of endometriosis.  Since his fellowship training, he has continued to challenge his knowledge and surgical skills to help patients with "hopeless" cases of endometriosis.  By caring for patients with this disease, he and his staff understand what you have been through.  They understand the frustration, hopelessness and fear that so many endometriosis patients have experienced and are prepared to help.


Dr. Arrington is such an amazing OBGYN. I highly recommend him. He treated and diagnosed my endometriosis when my first ob told me it was all in my head. He is very knowledgeable about endometriosis and is a life saver! I will be going back to him again for sure!

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